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kunafa with cheese

kunafa with cheese

Kunafa with Akkawi cheese .. Of recipes that have been very popular in all Arab countries


  • AlBawadi Akkawi Cheese Czech model: 2 cups (drenched in water)

  • AlBawadi Cow Ghee: Half a cup (melted)

  • Kunafa paste: half a kilo (fresh).

  • Sugar syrup: one and a half cups .

  • Pistachio aleppo: Cup (Crushed)

How to prepare

Add the Akkawi cheese, and add a little mozzarella cheese.

Put the kunafah in a deep saucepan and knead it and rub it well, then place one third of the amount of ghee.

Put the second third of the ghee in a tray on low heat.

stretch the kunafa on its bottom and sides, then leave it slightly until red.

Lift it off the fire and put the cheese on the kunafa.

Leave it two minutes to melt the cheese completely.

Cover it with another amount of kunafa and then put the third amount of ghee and turn it in another tray on the fire to reddish also and thus become stuffed with cheese.

Sprinkle with Sugar syrup and sprinkle with Pistachio aleppo.